Responsible travel should be the norm.

At Root Network, we believe sustainable and ethical opportunities should be available for everyone in Pakistan's travel industry.
Local family in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Pakistan’s tourism industry is growing rapidly, but local communities don’t always benefit proportionally.

Local communities are most affected by mass tourism, but they face far more barriers to entry when starting or growing their tourism businesses.

We want to make Pakistan’s tourism industry more inclusive by bridging the opportunity gap for local communities while working with travelers to reduce the adverse effects of tourism.

Tourism in Pakistan generated PKR 2.3 trillion (USD 16.8 billion) in 2019.

Source: World Travel and Tourism Council Report

Root Network fundamentals

Community is at the center of everything we do. We co-create initiatives with locals around these four fundamentals:

Capacity building

We co-create training and tools with local communities to help them overcome barriers to entry in the tourism sector.

Economic growth

We help locals connect to consumers and international markets to increase their reach and help them achieve financial independence.

Promoting culture & heritage

We provide local-led educational experiences for travelers that promote local culture and heritage of different geographic regions in Pakistan and foster positive interactions between locals and travelers.

Advocating for sustainability

We encourage responsible travel to reduce adverse effects of mass tourism such as waste management and climate change.

Sustainable tourism in the COVID-era

Our pilot project aims to provide support and relief to tourism professionals in Gilgit-Baltistan particularly vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 on the travel industry.

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