Community first.

Tourism employs 3.9 million Pakistanis.*

Tourism generated 5.9% of GDP in 2019, yet indigenous communities most affected by tourism don't see a fair share of benefits.

80 million people travel in Pakistan every year.*

Responsible travel practices are essential to manage the harmful effects of mass tourism in Pakistan.

Our mission is to create an equitable and inclusive tourism industry in Pakistan by increasing access to meaningful economic opportunities for indigenous communities, promoting local culture and heritage, and advocating for sustainable development and responsible travel practices.

Here's the story:

In recent years, a massive increase in tourism led to explosive growth within Pakistan’s tourism industry, especially in remote areas of the country. Local communities in these regions are often strained by mass tourism, but see little benefit.

Locals from remote regions hoping to grow in the tourism industry face hurdles due to geographic barriers limiting access to education, training, infrastructure, and the tourism market. 

Increasing traveler numbers accelerate the adverse effects of mass tourism, including cultural misunderstandings, waste build-up, environmental degradation, and more.

It’s time to change. It’s essential to listen to local communities and support them with the resources and tools they need. It’s equally important to educate travelers and tourism professionals about responsible and respectful travel.

Who we work with

A local male restaurant owner in a cook's coat and hairnet in front of a wooden doorway in Passu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Locals in tourism

Our initiatives aim to create local economic opportunities for local tourism stakeholders, particularly for small businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs, and established tourism professionals.

Marginalized communities

Our initiatives especially focus on creating local, accessible entry points for youth, migrant workers, and women in the tourism sector. 

Female carpet weaver artisan working in Gulmit, Hunza, Pakistan
Pakistani traveler in Hunza, Pakistan


We aim to educate travelers and increase awareness of responsible travel, cultural diversity, and historical contexts through educational tours and advocacy for sustainable tourism practices.

Our vision

A world where sustainable, equitable, and ethical economic opportunities are available to all.

Our fundamentals

Capacity building

We co-create training and tools with local communities to help them overcome barriers to entry in the tourism sector.

Economic growth

We help locals connect to consumers and international markets to increase their reach and help them achieve financial independence.

Promoting culture & heritage

We provide local-led educational experiences for travelers that promote local culture and heritage of different geographic regions in Pakistan and foster positive interactions between locals and travelers.

Advocating for sustainability

We encourage responsible travel to reduce adverse effects of mass tourism such as waste management and climate change.

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